this is a personal event calendar for myself..
usually about events in and around berlin,
mostly about free and open source software.
some talks, some workshops, some meetups.

but there are also hints on some other places
in and around germany, mostly western europe,
eg austria, france, and the netherlands.

some URLs are just too long..
so i shortened them using tinyurl.com.

* add (hash)tags (for twitter)
* add deadlines again
* add indicator for entry fees
* add indicator for registration
* add indicator for social event
* add facebook, gplus, identica, twitter

help is always welcome.
please send me mail with
additions and corrections.

(mind you, commands and orders
are usually frowned upon, and
are probably just ignored.)

Sven Guckes

Lokale Veranstaltungen:
* BarCamps
* CryptoParties
* Hack+Tell
* Nerd Nite
* Pecha Kucha
* Poetry Slams
* Science Slam
* SocialBar
* TEDxberlin.de
Formats: ISO8601 http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8601#Zeitspannen